Monday, September 5, 2011

Good Mornings 06092011

I just don't understand why I end up org some of the depressive managers on earth. Or are everyone like that? Or have I got something wrong with my attitude?

Yesterday I had to sit in his cabin to listen to his heroics for an hour. Wish someone told him how boring he is! This upseted all my plans. I came to my pad and fell stone asleep.

I think with arrest of Bellary bros, it's a significant step in Indian democracy. May be Congress wanted to give one back to BJP. Whatever the intention it's good for World peace.

The milk prices have increased again. Just can't help wonder how long this cycle will go on before someone yells enough.

I just found a picture of a woman on internet. Such a powerful eyes. Wish I could have shared it with you all.


Renu said...

I am yet to hear anyone praising his seniors or boss:)..its going on since ages.

jane.healy said...

The great thing about being a boss is that your employees HAVE to listen to you ... everybody else just ignores you (your wife, your kids etc) so those guys just love it when somebody HAS to APPEAR to be vaguely interested. One day Jon you'll be that guy!!