Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The daily thought- Enough Money

More and more of my friends come up with the wonderful idea of 'investing'. No one is happy with having a bank balance. Everyone wants to start a business or invest it somewhere.

I have known this guy for years. He has been telling me his conquests in equity market. He asked me to seriously think about starting a business where I can offer my advises for people to invest.Well, it sounds cool.

After almost a week  return home and took up the newspaper . Kerala police has launched 'operation kubera' to inish off the money lenders aka blade mafia. This was prompted by a family suicide involving 5. The family had borrowed some 40 lakhs from different people.

I browsed through a few papers and came to know that the son had borrowed 40 lakhs to invest in share market
It seems 'enough money' is the new oxymoron

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