Friday, April 2, 2010

Ode to dreams

The one thing I enjoyed about going to office every morning was three beautiful girls in my bus stop. This may sound silly but ask a single, unmarried guy for whom the life’s little blessings come in this way. Yes, three beautiful ones in the neighborhood will paint his otherwise dull canvas with wild and beautiful dreams.

They were the hot properties of the entire company. So getting to know them was a privilege. Just talking to them would make the guys around go green with envy. Needless to say, when the boys came to know that I was their neighbor their eyes filled up with silent admiration.

The sad part of life is it moves on. For an IT professional he is obliged to jump from company to company seeking higher pay. The ladies have just moved to different location leaving me alone in this dull canvas.

But still I m obliged to pay my respects to them.

Girls, I will miss you all. Unki’s red bright hair, her black and white boyfriends, public romancing will become memories of the past. Nisha’s homely beauty, her perfect curves and most of all her comic false accent were priceless. I confess I hoped to marry you someday (I am quite sure you don’t read my blogs). Priya could be tolerated if she kept her mouth shut. As soon as she opens it I get the feeling of a market. But below the neck she could beat anyone by a mile.

I may remain some irrelevant character in your life. But surely I will miss you all.


Netha Hussain said...

Awesome template.

Farila said...

They are going to read your blog and pay you a visit someday.. Hope you will be safe