Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love thy country

Alarmingly, I don’t feel any sense of grief or loss or patriotism when I read about 72 jawans gunned down by Maoists. Where has my patriotism disappeared?

I have to buy a medicine every three months and you won’t believe it, the price has doubled in a year. As soon as the Finance Minister announces the budget, the newspapers claim the price of medicine is going to go down. I have never seen that happen.

The price of food products has been going up without a halt for the past 6 years.

The cost of transportation has tripled in the last 5-6 years.

So who should I feel patriotic about? A government who is only bothered to bring down the price of electronic goods? A government who encourages black marketeers an hoarders? Or the stupid people who re-elect the same people again and again?

At least Maoists are fighting for a better society!


Farila said...

I am sorry for the bitterness in you Jon... hope things get better.
I cannot support anyone who resorts to mindless killing for any cause so I have to differ from you here

buttercup said...

Well, atleast for people like us,patriotism is something we feel, when there is some terrorist activity or when we are in a different country. In the case of the maoist attack, I don't think there is any call for patriotism as it is really "us killing us" situation.

I understand your sentiments, but tell me something, do we have any other choice than to elect the same people again and again??? They are the only ones even contesting!!! No one else is bothered to try make a change. It is all very well to sit and complain about them, you wanna make a change, try getting into politics or bureaucracy yourself... As they say, "you have to be in the system to change the system".

Jon said...

Hey they can't be called terrorists. They have never terrorised common man.
Well we have been talking about reformation from within. But we will have to come into terms with the simple fact- India is a failed state

simply me said...

INDIA is not a failed state
i am shocked you even thought that way
true india has much potential
i guess the way india has carved out a niche for itself is truly unbelievable
it might take ten yrs to build a simple sea link which is build in hardly two yrs in other countries
but hey it eventually got build
the fact that you have got an opportunity to study and make a career for urself in indeed an achievement
it would be much better to say people have failed India but happy not entirely

Jon said...

Hey I was one of d guys highly optimistic about India. But India is good to its middle class like you and me.
But look at the poor. Naxalism is a reality and it's not supported by an outside force. India has failed its poor. Nearly 34m people went to the poverty list during recession. Does anyone bother?

Look at the sham they have done in nuclear agreement or Iran pipeline. We have made ourselves a laughing stock. The middle class growing rich is a common phenomenon in all liberalized countries. That's natural..

Happy Kitten said...

The naxals may have started off like the Tamil Tigers..but their intentions are not clear now.. violence is never an answer and not against innocents who has no role to play. Even the poor villagers are terrorised while the rich gets away by paying up to the naxals.. think it is something like the Bombay underworld....

The govt. better act with resolve even if they themeselves are at fault..

Jon said...

Yea, somthing like a devil casting out the devil...

It's not the right way to make judgements without looking into the matters objectively.