Thursday, April 22, 2010


A few years ago, Indian roads were filled with Ambassadors, Marutis and Premier Padminis. In fact Ambassador was an Indian Ambassador on road. I still love the car for its gigantism.
Then more foreign players came into the battle ground. Small and sleek cars appeared on the roads. Slowly our old warriors became the endangered species. Today it’s rare to see the old cars and the people who own them will either be poor or eccentric.

Today you get a wide variety of cool-looking options. Affordability is not a question today. If you have the desire in you, loans are easily available. The only side effect is you will have to toil a lifetime away closing these ‘easy’ loans.

I have this cousin of mine who is huge in dimensions (lengthwise and breadthwise). He got married to a girl who is much younger and smaller (lengthwise and breadthwise). In order to compensate the mismatch in dimensions, his father-in-law gave him a huge SUV as bribe/gift/dowry/inheritance.

Coming back to the point a friend and colleague of mine brought a costly car recently. It is cool looking and a status symbol. Besides he is planning to get married and he ought to show the people around that he is rich enough to afford a family.

But I seriously doubt if he has given a serious thought on the number of years he will have to spend repaying the loan? The fun element is he would have already paid double the cost of car by the time loan closes.

The increase in private cars on Indian roads is causing huge impact on health and environment. The Indian infrastructure is unable to afford these many number of vehicles. The Indian urban middle class has forgotten the art of walking. Our low level of civic sense makes the roads extremely dangerous too.
So is really worth it?

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simply me said...

i love the White Ambassadors :)