Monday, April 5, 2010

Infynite Justice

There was a time when the intelligentsia and media of the country claimed that our biggest curse is the labour unions. They were good enough only to call strikes and disrupt work. That was the reason why we were industrially backward.
So when the IT boom happened labour unions were kept out of the scene. The government also flexed its muscles to help these new age firms. The young employee was taught the evils of unity. The people around you are evil and would betray you in the first chance. The only solution you have got is to be evil and just mind your own business.
The young employee happily agreed to the terms as he started getting more than what his parents used to earn. Besides the job came along with countless perks.
But as the number of eligible youth got more and more, the new age firms started getting a deeper talent pool to choose from. At last employers became choosers and the bosses started growing fangs.
The recession became a good excuse for these firms to teach their employees ‘who is the boss?’
The last day I got a
youtube link on the talk done by Infosys HR head Nandini Gujrar. I could not believe my ears. The pure disdain and contempt in which she uses the word ‘employee’ is unbelievable. Do not forget the fact that she is the HR head of one f the biggest firms in India. Interestingly, people have commented below the link that she is just a representative for the company and she is just voicing the opinions of her bosses.
Luckily, Infosys employees have been reacting to the anti-employee measures through facebook, twitter, blogs etc. But I doubt the extent to which these measures are effective. Just a threat to fire may quell all these anti-company voices.
Sadly Infosys is considered to be one of the most employee friendly India firms. Just imagine the plight of others. I have been working for 2+ years in this company and the fresher batch with 0 work experience is earning the same salary as us.
But who cares for a person with no voice and rights! We forgot to stand as a unit. We have become too self centered to bother about others.
(Please watch the video and check out for the clown in the end. We were short of sycophants.)

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