Sunday, April 4, 2010

Secular in thought and deed

I happened to read a post on a blogger being denied accommodation because he was a Muslim. Yes, no matter how hard we try to deny Islamophobia is a reality.

But does Muslims help themselves in this matter. I had the opportunity to study with so many good Muslim friends. I have also read so much on history of Indian Muslims. As we are living in a multi plural society secularism gets a new meaning. By secularism it’s just not enough to let others to live too.

If we believe ours is the only right way, we should keep it to ourselves rather than going around telling others theirs is the wrong one. I have read some Indian history too. Long ago people used to participate in festivals irrespective of the religion. But fundamentalism changed it all. I don’t mean we have got to participate in festivals if it makes us uncomfortable. But simply rejoicing with them matters.

Whenever I get into friendly discussions with my Muslim friends they are desperate to argue that their way is the only right way. I still remember with pain one guy gloating when Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ was released. The stupid guy didn’t have the sensibility to realize that book is against all Semitic religions

Do you think a woman wearing a burqa makes others uncomfortable?

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Farila said...

Islamophobia will soon be a accepted word in dictionary at the way things are going... I am born muslim and at times people have asked me question what have I done for my religion.. I tell them I create comfort and love in the heart of people instead of spreading hatred and fear for Islam with my moderate ways.. Off course they do not accept that as a service to their cause. As for the Burkha you can read this...