Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Movie of the week- The Constant Gardener

After having to watch average and below average flicks this one proved to be a great relief.
I had seen The Constant Gardener in IMDB top lists. I had the impression that it would be a slow classic. I was about to be proved wrong when I picked the DVD up.
The movie is well shot and very well edited. I am a believer in the old school of thought that screen play is the life giving breath to the movie. And for CG screenplay deserves at least 9/10.
The cinematography is breath taking. The camera takes us through the cruel, vast and barren landscapes of Africa leaving us in a bit of pain.

The movie is so tightly edited that it moves with a frantic pace. But still the screenplay holds its ground. The way in which the protagonist’s doubt in his wife’s fidelity is transformed to faith and strong love is portrayed very well. This wouldn’t have happened if the screenplay had not gelled well with the pace.
The ‘evil corporation’ story line has always been the favorite of Hollywood. But an ordinary director would find it difficult to tie up the loose ends. In CG no bad mistakes were done.

The story in short: Tessa (
Rachel Weisz) is brutally murdered in suspicious circumstances in Africa. Her diplomat husband, Justin Quayle (Ralph Fiennes), is convinced by every one that she was raped and murdered by her black boyfriend. He is forced to believe it until slowly unearths the evidence. He has to fight the powerful Foreign Office figures, warlords and powerful pharmaceuticals until he avenges his wife. He pieces together the jigsaw puzzle and unearths the evil scheme of a pharmaceutical giant. Tessa and her black colleague were trying to reveal their evil intentions.
The film portrays the exploitation of African population by the powerful corporations and the convenient silence/help provided by their governments.
Rachel shines in the role of seductive and at the same time angry activist. Ralph also does justice to his role as a laid back and later persistent husband seeking the truth.

The Hollywood comes up with critical movies on the failed policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam etc. But it beats me why don’t we have such kind in mainstream Indian film about critical issues on exploitation? Who are to blame- Government, Censor Board, Intelligentsia or the people?

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