Friday, April 30, 2010


In the days when my blog was in its initial stages of growth, I was a lot confused on the way it was forming out. Desperate to get a few readers, I send out the link to a few close friends of mine.

I was under the impression that they would have never even bothered to check. As time passed, I grew in confidence and I totally forgot about the initial struggle and happily went on writing about people I met. That too with the impression that they would never find out.

Recently I found out that the people who knows the real Jon has increased. So it calls for a more discretion and carefulness from my side.

Really? Chaining people’s thoughts in the name of discretion is a great cruelty . So I have decided to go on being Jon as long as I write.

Humans are social animals. But many a times this society chains us within its boundaries. If you dare to break those chains, you are a social outcaste.

I met a friend of mine. He is getting married to the girl he loved. We were talking about ll the wonderful beaches he could go for a honeymoon. He sighed, ‘Dude, what is the point in hitting beaches after getting married’. For him beaches are for young ones without any cares. Now he is frightened that all the guys out there will be gawking at his beau.


rohini said...

initially there is alws an apprehensive nature when we start anything ....and its alws nice to get a feedback when u perform...carry on writing wat u like...
And if beaches are for young ones only then y to think we r old....? :-)

Vencora said...

yeah, sometimes it's difficult to know what to say when you know you have an audience. but like your friend who's worried about going to the beach, we need to live like no-one's watching and express ourselves accordingly. kudos for realizing that. ^_^

Jon said...

@ rohini and vencora... yea half the game is in mind.
But still you people won't be comfortable when some guy's staring at you!!

TomaHawk said...

he i am not staring @ u. cudn resist d curiosity 2 know wthr dat particular character in ur blog was d person i had in ma mind. No hard feelings. Jus be John. Itz d openness in ur posts dat keeps me hooked 2 ur blgs. so keep goin. :)

Jon said...

So you were the tomahawk..who put a comment long ago...hmm