Monday, November 28, 2011


Today there was a farewell party for the colleague. Down here men retire from government service at 60. There were a few designated to say ‘good’ words about the departing colleagues. The guy was setting apart the rest of his life to things he couldn’t do in real life. One was reading up all the books he missed in his last 40 years. The item number two was a dream project, some sort of cultivation in a far off land.

It confuses me why people have to wait till 60 to chase their ‘dreams’. May be yes, we have too much to worry in this miserable life. Its hard to live in a third world country. But then there are youths who get inspired by Hollywood and the new age Bollywood. I met a blogger friend, who wanted to do that. Chasing dreams are far removed from film.

The movie star’s only dream is to churn money and the Bollywood kids are merely there thanks to sugar daddies. Dreams are passions are so close to the tender most part of heart. When you chase them you have a risk of losing them. Better leave them alone.

And another kind of revolution is going on- tweeple revolution, is what some people refer it to. Apparently a dam is going to burst it seems drowning half of Kerala. A filmstar (pretty one) joins the fight and now there are millions of guys asking her to retweet, sign digital memos, standing behind her. Gone are the days when Churchill asked for blood. Today’s revolution needs RETWEET


Rachna said...

Good one about retweeting. About chasing dreams, no time is too late. Retirement just gives an opportunity to replan and at least dream :). When you have a family and kids, most times 24 hours seem less.

OtienoHongo said...

Yap, all you need for a revolution today is a retweet!