Thursday, November 10, 2011


After a brief absence, here I come back again. I am on the process of preparing myself for another examination. And that really sucks. Meanwhile I got a late night partner to chat with. Well the topic is quite enjoyable- sexuality. Hence I get little time to think about blogging.

The papers have been celebrating the arrest of a leader for publicly violating the court order. The High court had passed an order banning all meetings on public places. Obstruction to public- that was the rational. Today I and thousands of others working and staying at the heart of Kochi had to walk for miles. Reason being Vice President was passing by and hence nothing that moves could move along the roads. The few buses were over crowded and it almost turned a nightmare. Now isn’t this a public nuisance?

And just imagine a President who freezes the public life to inaugurate a private five star hotel. The common man’s wage is gone while she gets paid handsomely for it.

Last week I was more awed than alarmed when Manmohan responded even Diesel has to be deregulated. He doesn’t even bother about the common man who was simply stunned by the hike a few hours ago. Well he is not insensitive as an individual. He is just a part of the giant ruling wheel, that keeps rolling without any sense of empathy for the common man. And thankfully the common man is quick to be awed and slow to react.

We claim to be a democracy and have we ever noticed we produce an elite class election after election. Are we moving towards an oligarchy?


Rachna said...

Very insensitive of the PM! They live in glass houses and are so far removed from reality. We are powerless to take any action against them :(

Destiny's child... said...

I was caught in the jam too! The bus drivers and passengers were cursing him. So was I! Why do they come on these pointless visits? To make life hell for us?

OtienoHongo said...

I thought it was only in Kenya where they block the road inconveniencing thousands of people just because an important person is passing by!