Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good Mornings 04112011

Ernakulam can get onto your nerves at times. If the city doesnt the flash rains will do that for sure. I am back to my student days preparing for an exam just days away. Our system has totally taken out the joy of studying. It encourages only the geeks. Free thinking is totally out. The funny part is ultimately people who runs the system wouldn’t have burnt the midnight oil. As King Solomon said ‘Pointless’. I am also beating back my body to shape. The past few days have seen me ushering in a bit of discipline.

My cousin came down after his Masters in UK. He was describing how so easy it is to get laid there. I had to listen with a tinge of sadness. Guess we attach so much value to morality down here.

When the barrel doesn’t, value of rupee does. I am talking about the petrol hike again. Our system has atleast injected feeling of indifference. No one are bothered any longer. In the process of natural selection, one more gets eliminated. A farmer committed suicide unable to pay off his debts. Does the government think human race is going to eat electronic chips in the future?

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