Tuesday, November 15, 2011

King of good times

Until a few days ago, he was my hero. He was the one I wanted to be. I marveled at his lavish parties. I used to go to library to get hope of his magazine. His annual calendar was the dream of every teenager.

By now you would've made out.who the hero is. The Kingfisher beer was lifeline for many. Figuring out a majority in the country drinks, he would be virtually controlling most.of the country. This was obvious when he won undisputed to Rajyasabha winning votes of both the sides.

And then he moved onto sports. His franchises were a pauper success - football, cricket, motor sports. Suddenly he was the businessman the country. A benevolent guy who didn't mind having a great time and shares the spoils with poor countrymen.

Now he seems to be a butt of jokes- just because one of the ventures didn't click. Our government seems to be spoiling the party by doing their best to help. I don't know how to describe rulers who don't mind the national carrier going broke, but are too eager to help Kingfisher. 

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OtienoHongo said...

Kingfisher is struggling? Used to be the beer I took when I was in India