Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good Mornings 02122011

Day in and out the neo Indian intelligentsia have been tweeting and retweeting about ‘much needed economic reforms in India’. ‘The parliamentarians seem to be stabbing the growing India by not debating’. I find it strange that the government passes a crucial, face changing bill and then brings it to the floor. The whole process of democracy looks quite irrelevant here.

The new generation Indians too suffer from a strange case of memory loss. The nuclear bill that had been passed hastily without much discussion and lots of noise catapulted the PM to an exalted position winning him the next election. But I hear no news of it. There have been no plants as promised. But retailing is going to be different and we are going to see lots of changes in Indian landscape but hope there is a debate prior to it.

Sardesai and Tharoor have been quite busy on twitter and so is the financial analysts. But except for some vague expression of job generation, only thing assured is some low cost consumerism. I engaged in a debate with a guy on twitter. He spoke passionately on opening up economy at ‘lower levels’, now whatever that means I asked him a couple of questions:

1. Shutting out competition- is it safe in the long run?

2. How is the small landholders going to benefit

3. Speaking about job generation- why cant these honchos generate jobs in USA and UK?

What followed was a single sentence- we are going to get goods at a low cost. So that’s what is all about-plain greed and ugly consumerism.

I am on leave today and am going for ‘Dirty Picture’ :D a sensible thing to do in these times

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BK Chowla, said...

Govt decision is right or wrong---is a matter of anoes analyses.
But, the way this govr went about forcing it down our throats was unacceptable