Friday, November 18, 2011

Run down to weekend

I have been out of here for some time. The main reason being a dearth of ideas, laziness and some bad habits.

I got a (temporary) flat mate last week. He wasn’t as bad as I expected. I had to confine my belongings to a single room, which serves as my bedroom and now resembles a trash bin.

Sharing space can be a very trying experience. And if the other person isn’t willing to accommodate your interests, it can be hell. Thankfully all has gone well and Peace!!!

Then there was a new age product campaign for the bank. There was a lot of travel involved and marketing is seen with suspicion and distrust.

I met s friend over the blogger. I asked her ‘Are you good looking’. She found it to be very inappropriate and called it quits. Well, this is not the first time and I seem to be really driving women mad.

Another interesting observation- Right after the marriage the fac`ebook is filled with beautiful, romantic stills of the couple together. Within months the profile picture goes back to single. How reflective FB account is of one’s personality.

There are very few characters that stay etched from childhood. Tintin is one. And I am greatly pleased to see him come alive on screen. I am planning to go for it.

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