Thursday, December 22, 2011

The idiot tax payer

For some time I have been thinking of dedicating this small and useless space for corruption. Sadly many prefer to equate corruption to politics. I would prefer to say our whole system is corrupted and decayed.

If any one  reading this please contribute and let's atleast create some awareness.

RBI under the pretext of falling rupees value removed the ceiling of NRE rates. Now the banks have increased the rate even up to 9%. The irony is NRE accounts are exempted from tax in India.

Are we Indians who toil away idiots to pay taxes while a rich NRI get the same interest rate and escape the tax.

Or am I seeing RBI opening a new avenue for tax evasion?

Screw RBI


BK Chowla, said...

It seems ,govt is clueless on major issues as it is busy managing its alliance partners

Happy Kitten said...

and I hear that it is only to aid those who have parked their money in Swiss banks to move it back even more swiftly.. even otherwise they say that the slide in the ruppee is because of this movement.. not sure if it is true...
but dont think that it is ever going to help the hard pressed NRI's( in majority) much..