Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Mornings 30122011

I managed to catch a strain virus from the person I hate most in the office. She recovered very well and here I am still in sneezing and wheezing. It got worse yesterday when my nose leaked like a pipe and I wondered where did I manage to produce this amount of fluid. I just cant figure out how women still get into kitchen and cook while they are sick. I could only manage to come home and hit bed.

The newspapers have only the coldest news of the year. People developed a sudden interest in the parliament with Anna Hazare. Still our representatives couldn’t manage to behave properly. Although I am no particular fan of BJP, my respects to Jethmalani. He dared to shout out a few things our media refuse to discuss. But then even when we say it’s the governments failure Congress emerged out the winners. They managed to divide the coalitions and ultimately No LokPal,JokePal whatever.

Even on sounding unpatriotic I would declare a day of rejoicing as India crashed down. A team dependent on its four veterans doesn’t deserve much. I love how the diehard fans suddenly turn around.

There was a column in Hindu on how poverty hit the European country Greece. It sounded very chilly.

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BK Chowla, said...

Refreshing post for year ending