Saturday, December 24, 2011

Indian railways

Is there any connection between corruption and efficiency?

I was coming on to the railway station when a sweet voice reminded me not to piss or defecate while a train is parked in a station.

After all these years of development and the superpower slogans, our trains release human wastes down to the tracks. Our trains have become moving toilets. Don't tell me there's been no technology yet.

Moreover in the last couple of years, the cleanliness has come.down drastically. I have a problem of opening with my mouth open. I travel early mornings on Mondays. In middle of sleep I have to check out of any bugs have crawled in.

Earlier the superfasts used to be maintained regularly. Regular checks were done on blankets and food

IRCTC, the railway website is another form of gross mismanagement. For once the commuter was freed from clutches of agents. Today you never get the site and refund value has been drastically cut down. Online booking has reduced cost of railways. Still they charge extra money for it.

Lalu Prasad was considered to be incarnation of corruption and inevitable evil of democracy. But in his era trains were a pleasure. Now the so called revolutionary and reformist has destroyed it.

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Destiny's child... said...

Hmm...haven't traveled in trains for some time now...The worst part of a train ride is definitely the stench.