Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Mornings 03102011

The best part of being a 'trainee' is you get a respite from the drudgery of your workplace in the pretext of institutional training. For the last three weeks I was away at fort Kochi. The place is a historic spot which parallels Goa.

To be frank there was little learnt about the job. Evenings were spent at the beach and many nights at a shack drinking. Some great friendships were made over the bottle and a few fights too. Since none of the girls were great looking no serious attempt was made to woo. Then there was a small drinking brawl too. Anyways, I am today rejoining my branch. I am feeling sick of it too. But do we have a choice?

I was stunned to hear a news about my friend. He was forced to take up an assignment in USA. The company had no other substitute. He being so attached to family and friends here, was literally on tears. The company promised to get him back as soon as they get a substitute. This happened some 6 years ago. Yesterday I heard he settled down in USA and has applied for a Green Card. And none of his friends is in touch with him. A land of much temptations indeed.


Rachna said...

Happy to hear that you are having fun.

Renu said...

why the girls need to be good looking only..cant their brains attract?