Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holy art thou O corporates

India is turning out to be a haven for the rich- legal or illegal. As soon as you make money, you get elevated to the list of untouchables. Neither the government machinery nor the media dare touch you. Same goes the story for the holy men – TATA and Ambani. Never mind the method they employ, as long as crores are made let’s be happy.

I went through the Frontline yesterday. Agreed they are clearly a leftist minded paper and can corrupt your views with ‘red’ thoughts. But thinking about it again, the agitation at Maruti received very little coverage in national media. What concerned us more were the loss the giant manufacturer would end up with and stock markets dipping. Did anyone report the news from the angle of workers? The ‘neutral’ stand has become diluted neutral. If the reports in the article is right, we are losing our freedom to organize. India is fast deteriorating into a banana republic controlled by the corporate.

The Wall Street agitation spreading through the world seems to be of a no issue to us. And least of all we don’t bother about WikiLeaks and the revolution they triggered. For us the poster boys are still Zuckerberg and Jobs.

We celebrate Anna protests with all pomp and gusto while we conveniently forget the Radia tapes and all the sweet talks the big man TATA made. From the looks of it I wont be surprised if the Wall Street shifts to India for safe functioning.


BK Chowla, said...

It is well known that most of the media reporting is politically influenced.
I agree, the moment one becomes rich here,one falls into a category which seems to be above law.How else can one explain the exorbitant fees of the Sr lawyers?

Renu said...

But I dont support strikes at all, if the maruti shifts, the workers will be the sole losers, strikes nevr benefit workers.

OtienoHongo said...

I love the pics, pretty much summarizes our society today!

Praveen said...

maruti strikes were covered from the workers side only in Hindu, Tehelka and the website tv channels were crying over how maruti production commitments will go wrong..and how customers waiting for cars will 'suffer'!

and occupy wall street...the replica of that in dalal street had 50 people yesterday...and even they were arrested in 2 hours..

criticism of Ambanis and TATA in Indian media? Unthinkable!!

Amidst all this, comes the really sad news of how tehelka(a magazine which I respected a lot!!!and still respects), suppressed its own reporter's story on Goa mining because of some conflict of interest...apparently,some of the sponsors of The Tehelka think fest in Goa are the miners .. also, another conflict of interest in reporting on essar's involevement in giving money to maoists...
very sad state!!!