Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Drinks Party

Yesterday, our chief threw a party for our car dealers. An average Indian with sky high dream walks into a car showroom to buy something he can’t afford. These boys direct them to us for loans. As a symbol of gratitude and future hopes our chief threw up a party for them.

Our new chief is a jovial man and he didn’t compromise on food or liquor. The boys weren’t highly paid and they were in a mood to let loose when the drinks are on the house. As soon as the chief finished his short welcome everyone fell on the drinks. The four of us representing the bank has to show decency. So we watched them literally tearing down the food as well as the house while we slowly sipped our whisky. Sadly we not much of the food or dessert was left for us and we had to wait till the last one left. One guy vomited all over the hotel. Right from the dining hall to the stairs, elevators and even the Car Park.

When the tongues were let loose the boys told us how ‘respectable’ banks like HDFC lure in the non income group. They give these people loans who have no means to repay. And if the poor car owner defaults, there are specialized ‘recovery’ officers who appear at the door step the very next day. In other world the recovery guys would have been called goons.

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Destiny's child... said...

God! Some thing to think of really! I remember how one of my Uncles used to receive threats for not repaying a loan he never took!