Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Mornings 11102011

Today my colleague got a life time opportunity. He’s got a chance to process the car loan of a film ‘starlet’. He will have to go meet her at the residence to collect the signatures (VIP customer). The ‘normal’ man would have had to make quite a few sojourns to the bank to get his car. That is the country for the ‘common’ man.

I went through her application (application too were collected from her residence). The dad doesn’t have a college education. She has a graduation. Owning a 15L car would have been a dream had it not been for the tinsel town. How many people saw their dreams bloom on screen. How many more saw it being shattered.

I just finished watching (or rather skipping through) the greatest Hindi movie ever- Band Baja Barat. I still haven’t understood what is so great about the movie as I saw many bloggeres giving rave reviews. Will write more about it. No worries.

India Inc. has come up with another letter to the government with so goody-goody advices. Removing environmental clearances for the ‘growth’ and cleaning out corruption. Wow!

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Renu said...

Tinsel town people are not academics, but they are artists, even there not everyone get success, otherwise every body could have gone there..and as is common in every profession, some undesrving get the success whereas onee who deserve dont.