Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wine and Cricket

I took a sip from the wine glass. There was an entire bottle of beer on the glass table. I turned around to take a look at Ajay. In the dark interiors I strained my eyes to make out Ajay slipping more and more into the cushions. No diet seems to be working on him. He was growing huge every day. He had finished almost two packets of potato chips and masala peanuts. Now I will have to finish up my wine and his beer and there was one entire match left.

On April 02nd India was gearing up for its final in the cricket world cup. Cricket is the only team event in sports India has got real chance in. So everyone was making plans to watch the finals together- with friends and relatives. Pubs weren’t preferred in Kerala. Here people prefer to drink at home. That’s when Ajay calls me up to Purple Lounge, the only hip pub in our city. I was reluctant as they were no other friends to share the cheers. And I am not a drinker. I usually prefer the girl’s drink, wine. I am not a good ‘glass-mate’.

The harder I tried to dissuade him, the more he persisted. I relented. It would be a change to watch the finals drinking wine. I was eternal optimist when it came to meeting desperate girls in pubs. I reached there well before time. Suddenly he calls me up and says he’s coming in a transport bus. The next second he says he is on his bike. I asked him, ‘Dude are you really coming?’. I prayed no one will see me getting into the Lounge. This was my first time here and I hoped I wouldn’t end up with the label alcoholic. Ajay reached 10 overs late.

We have an impression that in a good pub we get to see a humble, loving, caring bar tender. But the guy here thought we ended up there by mistake. He announced the price list for all the drinks plus an entry charge of 150 bucks per head. The wine costs 250 bucks. Thanks to the faulty system of my company, I was a wage-free worker for the last month. I begged Ajay, ‘Dude we can buy the bottles from somewhere and watch the game at home’. He offered to take the bills and we stayed. He ordered beer and wine for me.

Then the funny thing happened. He ordered a mineral water bottle and ate up the touching. He announced that he had had enough. Now I will have to finish the beer. I took turns in taking a sip from each. Anyway the combination of beer and wine proved to be lucky for india that night.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a different culture you have! Over here you are thought slightly odd if you don't go to a pub or bar.

You have written such a descriptive piece - I love it - was there with you.

Also in Cape Town you would get a good hiding if you called wine a "girl's drink"

I put a jacket in to the dry-cleaners last Sat. He was closing early to go to watch the World Cup (he told me at least 100 times) so when I went to collect it this Saturday his smile was from ear to ear "I am so very proud" he told me (at least 200 times!)

sm said...

nicely written
yes now a days people drink at home as it saves funds.

Anonymous said...

Admiration is a very shortlived passion, that immediately decays upon growing familiar with its object.

Jon said...

But wine grows passionate with age!