Friday, April 22, 2011

God of Rich men

I look around the church and am surprised to see a sizeable portion of the rich in church. The lent season is particularly harsh on the worshippers. The wealthy are turning more meek than the ordinary man. They don’t mind sweating it out a bit. The olden films used to portray the rich man as a baddie who mocked at God. Then one fine day he would see himself turning poor and the poor hero coming to his help. Today the wealthy have turned more pious than the ordinary mortals.

The dilapidated temples and churches easily find donors to finance the renovation. God no longer bothers about white money or black. As long as they are provided with spacious palaces, they are happy.

There was a small temple in the neighborhood. A fine morning they started huge face-lift, which by no means the temple faithful could finance. It was rumored that some rich expatriate was laundering his black money through God’s work. There was an income tax raid one day. Thankfully the faithful found out that the officer was a Muslim. Communal angle was pointed as an ill-motivation behind the raid. The raid was stalled.

It’s not just the Gods, his servants are more happy with the rich faithful. They get a better parsonage, dinner and plum postings. It’s a rich man’s world.


OtienoHongo said...

Today I see pastors with very sleek top of the range Range Rover sports and Benzes, palatial homes to boot and ocasionaly even Lear Jets. Their names have become Brands used to sell sermons on CDs, books and television shows. Heck, they even own media houses. Very difficult for me to distinguish the modern church from that in which Jesus whipped traders centuries ago. Indeed it is now very easy for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle!

sm said...

money has no religion
and God dont bother about white or black

BK Chowla, said...

Absolutely.God seems to like the rich only

Happy Kitten said...

Jon: enlightment has dawned finally? :) You did not take it too kindly when I mentioned the same in my blog.

Money equals God these days and those who are in charge of both are mostly from the priestly clan. None cares how this money comes about.

Jon said...

Not really...In your post you were stuck on the relegious heads getting corrupted. What I implied was it was not just the heads, the church as a whole is corrupted. That's what I am saying now

Happy Kitten said...

Well.. you didnt say so.

The Congregation is equally to be blamed for being mute specatators.. but in a Church, reformation needs to come from top, since they have been entrusted with certain responsibilities. If not, one shall see many keeping a safe distance from these churches.

Happy Kitten said...

Here in Kuwait, the Marthoma Church was split for sefish reasons and there are almost 2000 members who continue to gather without a priest hoping that the Thirumeni will open his "spiritual" eyes rather than his "earthly" eyes.

Jon said...
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Happy Kitten said...

Kids go to Marthoma SS. I dont know this person but i read the pamphlet and i got to hear from many who opposes this move. Kuwait is not India and here the govt. has officially allowed only one place for Worship, hence it is not practical to have as many Churches as one wishes. Manority of the members want to retain the old Church for this reason and many such practical reasons. But the Thirumeni has taken into account the voice of only a few.

If the family is rotting, then as spiritual leaders what are they doing? are they content to just collect money and drive around in expensive cars? How can they escape from their responsibility? when they preach from the pulpits what they dont practice, how do u expect the folks to listen?
nd the one underlying factor for the Kuwait Church split is also money.