Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gen Y

Many years haven’t passed since I graduated from childhood to adolescence and adulthood. Recently I got a chance to spend a little time with cuddly toddlers. A lots have changed now. Doomsayers would say the change is for the worst.

I am looking into the urban locality I grew up in. The kids have been more exposed and are more brand conscious. They wear the best of clothes, eat best of foods and have the best healthcare. When I say best of foods, sadly they may lack the value. Kitchens are getting deserted when the junk food courts are filing up.

Speaking of health gone are the days kids used to run out and play without checking the financial status of the playmate. The parents have grown more cautious. This have given rise to an insecurity among the kids. Moreover the financial ghettos we build up can destroy the social fabric of tomorrow.

Nevertheless the playgrounds have grown rare and kids have to squeeze themselves into parking lots of flats. I know colleagues who buy up kids’ CDs to engage them. As for exercise, they may go to the parks once a week. The kids have grown strangers to bruises.

Kids have become more exposed to knowledge. Recently I overheard a small kiddo reciting the planets and stars. I tried and came to know that I am not aware of every planet! But still when it comes to decision making they go immature. May be it’s because it’s the sops and movies that help them decide. The interaction with the society has grown sparse.

‘Losing the innocence’ is a common usage today. I think it is not anything about sex. It’s when you learn that you can cheat your way to solutions. It’s when you learn that your best friend is disposable. In that sense kids today are losing their innocence real fast.

Last week I got a chance to volunteer for the children’s programme at our church. It made me yearn to go back to a time when there were no cares and worries. I tried to copy those nice innocent moments in my frame and have done that to some extent. The great thing about photographing the kids is that they aren’t overwhelmed by the camera and would not put up a false smile or seriousness. It was a job easy for me.


Rachna said...

I like this post. It reflects very accurately what the kids are going through these days.

BK Chowla, said...

Kids have much greater exposure than they have had a few years ago.

Renu said...

Moreover the financial ghettos we build up can destroy the social fabric of tomorrow...this is so true.