Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Movie of the week - Dum Maaro Dum

I have had the privilege to visit one of the saddest movie of the year- Dum Maro Dum. After the huge fanfare half of the Indian population would have had the privilege to go through the experience I had.

Ever since I heard Bipasha was acting in a movie for which Deepika was doing an hot item number, I was wanting to watch this. It has become the practice of film makers to bank on the popularity of an yester-year flick and do grave injustice and humiliation by borrowing the name and numbers. Bipasha, Deepika, Goa and the name did the trick to lure me into the cinema hall.

I have been noticing that heavens provide advanced warning signals before I enter a movie. This time the orange juice tasted like a cheap soda and the masala peanuts tasted very fake. But the opening of the movie assured me that for the first time the warning signs may be proved wrong!

The opening of the movie was truly exceptional with the brownish yellow tones and wild colours. The opening narratives were quite different from the ‘once-innovative-now-boring’ kind like, ’This is Ramesh. He has….’ The opening was pacy and crisp.

First came Prateik Babbar. This guy has a load of talent. He is going to be a sensation very soon. Then came in Rana. A hulk of a guy roaming around lonely in his bike with a guitar at his back. He croones to the baddest of music when the hero is in problem. Then comes the brooding Abishek. He was left with no lady love in the movie, so had to brood throughout. Then comes in Bipasha in shortest of skirts. She sheds in a tear or two at regular intervals proving that she can act. Then there are lots of assorted characters who have no clue why they are there. But the first half rolls on majestically except for the horrendous music from Pritam, The screenplay is really good, with a taste of ‘Alenjandro Gonzales’ style where different characters meet together halfway.

The movie undergoes a tumultuous change in the second half. When the first half ended the director left us with a feeling of huge thriller going to unravel soon. The second half looked like it was hot by an entirely different crew. The visuals that were awesome in the first became ordinary in the second. The color tones altogether disappeared and I had to spend half the time trying to figure the logic. Sadly I had rightly guessed the elusive villain in the beginning itself. When a character has no role except when he comes up in the crucial junctures, we are not too dumb to pretend this guy is a good man. Sadly if Abishek had my brains he would have shot him off in the beginning sparing us the horror.

At last the moment I waited for arrives. Deepika walks in for the hottest number of the decade. I had read somewhere that she insisted her skirt should be shorter than Bips’. There it was pieces of clothes hanging precariously on her navel. The song maker and choreographer worked together to produce one of the worst remixes in history with Deepika gyrating meaninglessly.

After this my whole spirit dipped down. But only to dip down further. A movie that had to finish soon after that painfully rolls on with each death coming one after the other and Prateik reuniting with his lover in the end. To make matters worse the wooden faced Rana sees all the dead and smiles at them.


nituscorner said...

the movie review you have here was informative enough for me not to make an effort of seeing it..... for all that hype well thanks for warning ahead.

Renu said...

No wonder it flopped.

Purba said...

And I was so looking forward to this movie....tch tch