Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nothing as good as an election

The Kerala elections this time had its own share of drama, anti-climaxes, laughs and bluffs. No wonder people preferred news channels and newspapers to movie halls. Here are a few interesting pieces:

Sindhu Joy phenomenon: Sindhu was a firebrand student leader of the communist party while we were in college. She was a hero among the college kids when she led the rallies from front and beaten to pulp by the police. One infamous incident happened when the police threw a grenade to disperse the mob. It blasted off her knee.

Image of Sindhu joy in crutches was a dynamite enough for the communist opposition to brand the government anti-people. Sindhu had been a regular figure in crutches in the city along with male leaders challenging the police and tearing down the city to pieces.

5 years ago she contested against the then Police minister and promised to arrest him and lead him through the streets manacled. And a few weeks back she did a total somersault and claimed the then Police minister is a father figure to her and jumped over to the Congress. Well if you think this is not joke enough go on.

In a public rally, someone threw an egg at her. The Sindhu who would not faint on a grenade years ago, fainted at the spot. She was rushed to hospital. But the twist of the story is her new found father was already present at the hospital verandah, as if waiting for someone, even before the incident happened.

No queues for a film star: Kavya claims for herself the soft spot in every Malayalee heart. Her figure basically resembles a hormonised broiler chicken. There are a media coterie surrounding her, proclaiming her ‘versatility’ and ‘family-ness’.

In a busy polling station, Kavya walks straight into the booth. There was a slight namaskars and hand waving for the tired and eager people in the queues. Surely she is a very family heroine. No one would bother but some may even swoon on seeing her. But that’s not what happened that day. A young man got out of his bewilderment and shouted at her to get back into the queue. Contrary to her expectation no star struck fan walked into support her. Sadly she had called up the media to witness the momentous occasion. We had the chance to see the LIVE proceedings on screen.

The sympathy vote: Surendran didn’t have a big party to back him up. He had to contest against a tough opponent with little or no support. Then he devised a plan to win the votes of soft hearted mallus. He stages a false attack on himself where he is seriously injured. This happens two days before the election.

The day before the election, it’s revealed that the attack were staged. So now he faces a serious criminal charge and an injury on his neck. No prize for guessing who is going to win.


Siddhartha Joshi said...

Hahahaha...quite an eventful election I must say. I do not know any of these ppl, but I still enjoyed reading the entire post...especially the last one. Seems like an idea for a movie...

OtienoHongo said...

I don't know about Kerala politics but looks to me as if politics are the same the world over. The Sindhu Joy story is very common here, where today politicians are fierce opponents trading insults and tomorrow enemies are friends while friends are now enemies!

Jon said...

In african states its more or less divided on communal lines, right? Like what's happening in Nigeris!

sm said...

all the parties are same