Thursday, January 13, 2011


One common soft spot for any Indian- Religion. Rest of the developed world would have discarded religion as fantasy for the weak and corrupt. But even the rapidly shining middle class of ours haven’t lost their penchant for ‘Religion’.

Even a forward thinking blogger like me would pour contempt and scorn on the saffron and green terrorists. But I would defend mine with all my might. Why? It’s my sacred duty.
When it comes to religion we turn our brains off. But some wise men turn theirs on. These wise men reap rich harvest at the expense of the rest. So here I am going to illustrate a a few wise men I have seen.

Kerala is a land enriched with NRI money. We produce nothing much except for the NRIs. Hence Kerala is a soft target for the god men. One guy who had an outfit of his own executed a strange practice. He placed a bucket in the congregation, quoted a few verses from the Holy book and asked them to deposit every piece of gold in their body. Rumors are that some of his close associates pitched in first and this led to a mass hysteria and every member in the huge congregation put in theirs too. This happened in many parts of Kerala and with in no time the outfit grew into one of the richest of its kind.

Splitting and setting up the churches have become a common practice down here. The moment you come across something you don’t like, you raise a revolt and set your own church across the street. It’s easy to find people with brains-off to follow them. Ideally they would want rich no brainers. A better option is to get a poor set of followers financed by the richer ones.

Traditionally churches were very much against alcoholism, but as time evolved it became quite okay to accept donations from liquor barons. Hence the teachings were diluted and social drinking became acceptable. The only sinful part was drinking local, cheap spirits and beating up your wife in the evening.

I know a girl- well educated and working in a reputed firm. While we were chatting, I came to know that she is the follower of a god man arrested recently for tax frauds. I love making fun of these people. She was adamant and stood on the fact that he was trapped. The funniest part came when she declared that the Chinese Premier too is a follower of our man. He is sending a big shipment of sound system worth crores in a ship.
I said, ‘Communist China sending a gift to Indian Church. China+India+Church -> Is not that a strange combination.’
I am sure the faithful would be still waiting for the shipment at the harbor.

Let me make it clear. I am not against a religion. I am not for the ‘Human is above relegion’. But when the religion grows above the teachings or deities it’s built on, we have a problem.


sm said...

human is above religion

Renu said...

I am a religious person, but not at the cost of hurting others, and I am not superstitious at all.Neither I will degrade my religion, nor others.

Susan Deborah said...


The spelling of 'religion' in your title is misspelt.

I forsook religion long ago. What matters to me is personal faith.

Joy always,

Jon said...

Ohh god Susan...i made the same mistake while typing and spell check saved me... But i did it again in the title....le it be now

I am clear about the fact that Humanism cannot be above relegion
now we see a lot of liberal ideas which can damage the humanity in a long run floating around in the name of humanism
Human kind is nt perfect and we may need relegion to do so.

Rachna said...

I agree with your view. These so called godmen and all the people who get all touchy-feely about religion, really make me feel uneasy and disgusted. Human about religion, any day for me!

BK Chowla, said...

In my opinion, religion is part of ones life but we might like to put a very secular front. Each one of us has a religious bent.
Yes, these God men have lost it and have used a common man's gullibility to their advantage.

Destiny's child... said...

Chinese Premier follower of that man? :D That's really funny. You had reason to be amused. :)
And yes, I do not believe in 'Human Gods'. The dividing line between 'religion' and 'fanaticism' is thin. Many a time, people cross that line without realizing it.

Happy Kitten said...

Can we ever write enough about the so called religious people out to fleece the naive?

Yes... Humanity should always be above religion.. One shall never understand any religion which would teach us otherwise.