Sunday, January 16, 2011

Movies of the week- Water Lillies, A walk to rememeber

Well, I am aware that I have not been writing much on movies. It’s not because, I didn’t feel like it. After IFFK I didn’t feel like watching much. The DVDs I purchased lie in a sad mess. So this week I went ahead and watched two. I had great expectation in both, but sadly had to be disappointed!

When I pick up my monthly quota of movies, I make sure that there are a few foreign language flicks too in the cart. But the last week I had some difficulty in making my choices. And my eyes struck on a French with three girls in the cover. An interesting story summary and a lesbian undertone made me choose the flick ‘Water Lillies’.

‘Water Lilies’ is the story of three girls taken in the backdrop of synchronized swimming. The story revolves around the mutual relationships. The girls are teenagers so there is a lot of emotional undercurrent. Marie has an amazing inferiority complex and she takes a liking for Floraine. Marie and Anne have been childhood friends. But the relation between Marie and Floraine affects the one with Anne.

It’s the debut for the three girls and also the director Sciamma’s. Surprisingly the actors give no indication of debut while the director does. The movie has no other characters except the three. The relation with society and not even the parents have been indicated. And at times the director have gone abroad to glamorize things a bit.

Still the good part is feminine issues have been given a different viewpoint. In India the feminine issues always end up with wife beating or a rape or some other molestation and a bucket load of tears. I think we ought to take a cue from the western film world.

The second one was vouched by my sister. I checked in and found ‘A walk to remember’ stays in all time romantic movie list. I won’t say it’s a bad movie. It’s about a high school romance and I found it difficult to relate to that. Besides the characters are so made up and are very unreal. If you are heads over heels in love, this is a movie for you. Sadly I am not and I am not much of a romantic too!


sm said...

a walk to remember is nice movie
water lillies no idea havent seen it.

Renu said...

seen none of them, now will chk:)

Rachna said...

A Walk to Remember is too romantic, and these days I have very little patience for these unrealistic romances. A romantic comedy and I am game :). Haven't seem Water Lilies though.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Both movies appear to be interesting.I will give them a check.

Best wishes,