Sunday, January 16, 2011

The price for a decent life

Absence of a girlfriend/wife has got its own advantages. You won’t bother too much about the spiraling inflation. Besides, a comfortable pay packet has cushioned me from the price trends so far! I go to an ordinary dhabba for my week day lunches. I do not bother about the detailed bill at the end of lunch. I simply ask him to give the sum total at the end of it. I even pay up my friends’ share at times.

The last day I went along with my friend. Both of us weren’t feeling like having a heavy lunch. So we had a light one and were excepting a lighter bill. When the bill came up it shocked us not so lightly. I asked him to give the detailed bill. To our surprise the price of every item had doubled.
I looked at my hand. The finger tips were so orange. I ought to thank him for the free henna that comes along with Gobi Manchuriyan.

The point is the quality has come down and the price factor is not all bothered about it. Wait, I am not going to blame Manmohan or Sonia yet.
I went ahead and talked to my colleagues. Even the white collared with a comfortable pay packet is stunned by the price hikes. What about the not so higher ups?

And hey guys do you know Subway is one of the cheapest outlets in USA. Strangely here it’s one of the costliest. Have we finally become richer than the Americans?

The last day I went to get an ayurvedic sponge from Big Bazaar. A month earlier it cost 90 bucks. Now they have put it in a designer pack and a coloured solution went along with it for FREE.The increased to 190 bucks


Susan Deborah said...


First off: Let me compliment you on the new look of your blog. It looks quite simple and neat.

Second, having a gf/wife splits most of the bills. Atleast in my case, it works out well as either the bills are shared or either of us take turns in paying. A healthy way to tackle rise in price. Whether prices rise or fall, our system remains.

But the price has definitely raised in all quarters but working in an IT park, you shouldn't be complaining. Don't they pay you well?

Well, hope some changes do come about in our Finance sector.

Joy always,

RGB said...

Not much has changed in my pay packet over the last 3 years, but prices have doubled, tripled and spiraled to such heights that I'm worried what our tomorrow would be like! Having a spouse to share the burden helps, but having the responsibility of saving for our kids' future is frightening!!

Anonymous said...


First yes congrats on your new blog design - I had to do a double check to see if I had clicked into the right place.

The jury is still out on the financial benefits of a partner. Sure it helps spread the load but surveys over here have shown woman to worse off when they have a partner - extra money spent preening themselves for him, extra money on food etc whilst the male has more money in his pocket to pursue his fancies.

Your comment about spiralling costs - yes, yes and yes. Not just fancy goods and eating out, all household bills, travel etc Save yourself some money though - don't eat out in Subway - its pretty vile!

Rachna said...

I feel exactly like RGB. The pay packets are stagnant, one has to save for the kids' education and for one's own future, and the prices are just out of control.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

So true, I was pretty much like you till recently when I went shopping for vegetables...the visit was an eye-opener!

Purba said...

Shall I give you a long lecture on the virtues of eating at home?
Your liver deserves it.

Mingled Minds said...

hahahaha... i would probably call the absence of wife/gf a disadvantage thn...lolz..

read this- a week back me and my frnd could not have b'fst at hostel we ended up goin to the foodcourt... we both injoyed having onion dosa until the day the price of onions soured up... forgetting the hike in the prices of onion , we both ordered onion dosa and finally ended up eathing a plain dosa at the price of onion :(... !!!

sm said...

like the new look

Jon said...

Thank you for the ol' template i was nt happy with comments section and stuff. But it had a gr8 look! besides changes once in a while is good.


Good piece. We have to look for the cheapest places.

Haddock said...

The finger tips getting coloured with Gobi Manchurian is not to be taken lightly.(its slow poisoning)

Jon said...

Yes, I know that Haddock...sadly its the case here from small to big restaurants