Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

A common scene in every household: A couple is getting ready for a party. As usual the male pulls over his clothing in 5 minutes. There is a good chance that he’s gone bald and so there is no time spent for combing. He waits in the living room.
As usual he has to remind his wife/ girlfriend to do it fast although he is fully aware that it’s of no much use. He is relieved to find that she has taken a few seconds lesser than the last party. Then comes the million dollar question
‘Honey, how do I look?’

So what would the girls expect?
a)To be frank you look better without all those make-up. The outfit might be the fashion of the season, but you are an ill fit in it.
b)Darling, you look fabulous in it. Can I adjust the edges a bit.

A smart guy decided to outsmart a great guru. He goes to him and asks a question
‘Guru, I have a small sparrow in my hand. Do you think it’s dead or alive?’

Guru saw the trap in the question. If he says it’s alive, the young man can squeeze it to death and claim it was dead. If he says it’s alive then he could set free the bird and say it was alive.
‘Son the answer lies in your hand.’

So this is my short gyan for you guys who are stepping into a new year. We have got many questions in our mind. The answer lies in our PERCEPTION.

As a thank you note: Thank you for keeping me going. However much you deny, a blogger needs to pump his ego for fuel. So hugs for the guys and flying kisses for the girls who have been with me through bad posts and good.

A small help for a friend and newbie blogger: My college days were anything but boring, thanks to a handful of guys. One among them has started to pen down his experiences in college and beyond. Non- Mallus may find the posts a bit tough to visualize, but go ahead and pay a visit.


sm said...

happy new year

Mani Lalwani said...

everyone likes sum pampering and praising.
its just that some show, sum dont !

Keep pampering ur girl, 4 arbit reasons and she is yours. :D

btw wishing u a happy new year fellow blogger..
keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jon - as you know I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your visits to mine!

rohini said...

happy new year...

Purba said...

I am usually the first one ready, waiting patiently for the rest of my family.

So there goes your theory :))

Jon said...

I will be the last one to believe a bengoli tall story :P

Rachna said...

Happy New Year! Well, I don't really take much time to get ready. Maybe, my husband would be the better person to answer this :).

Pesto Sauce said...

Clever Guru

Renu said...

Happy new Year!!!

In the first one,in my home my hubby takes more time to get ready:)..but yes women never want the truth:)
Your Gyan is perfect:)