Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Suicidal Love

I was working out at the gym when our instructor came around carrying the ‘obituary’ section of the newspaper.

‘What is the matter, Ashan?’

‘One guy from our gym committed suicide…..apparently love failure.’

The workouts couldn’t strengthen his heart!

The tabloids celebrated the suicide of Viveka Babji. They assumed the reason of suicide to be her boyfriend, who dumped her.

The tabloids took it as a chance to reminiscence the Kamasutra model’s sensous figure.

It’s rare to hear about a love story culminating in marriage. Even the rapid urbanity, intrusion of western media and culture hasn’t given our youth the strength to tide over the tough situations.

Recently I heard about a girl who developed cold feet at the last moment (after getting approval from both the sides) because her boyfriend refused the religious conversion.

A fiery female chauvinist wrote: The men who preach about preserving the caste honour never bother about the caste of whores they visit at night. Is this honour something that is worn in under wears?


Rachna said...

There is something drastically wrong with people who end up taking life just because they fail in love. Maybe, it is the lack of support systems or self-esteem, which makes them take this step. Take it from me, no one or nothing is worth taking your life for. Time is a healer, and everyone survives eventually.

Susan Deborah said...

A lot of issues raised here. I would like to contradict the point that it is rare to hear about a love story culminating in marriage. It does happen. In fact all I hear is that they were in love for --- years and got married.

Sometimes it is not the failure of love alone which leads a person to the act of committing suicide. Along with that thought, a thousand other negative thoughts stacked away since childhood resurfaces causing the ultimate step.

As for the "fiery" feminist's view, I do agree with her 100%. I am sure you will agree as well.

All said and done it takes courage to love, keep that love, take that love to marriage and be in love with the same intensity after marriage. Now this is something rare. What say, John.

Sometimes personal experiences colour our judgments but all said and done, love is beautiful.

P. S: Spain won. I think the Dutch will make it this time!

Joy always,

buttercup said...

thats actually bullshit. Very recently one of y very best friends tried to attempt suicide coz his girlfrnd dumpd him. My very 1st experience of sme1 in my circle evn thinkin abt smethin of d sort...I gave him a nice slap to shake him out of his bloody reverie x-( nw he hs found dat he CAN infact liv widout her...wat a still angry at him 4 evn thinkin dat x-(

rohini said...

i agree with Rachna...time is the best healer...

BK Chowla, said...

Trust me, no one is worth giving up one's life for. Life is too precious.

Mingled Minds said...

hav been in love and even out of it... whn u in it, it makes u feel the most spcl person on earth and whn u out of it, it simply makes u feel lyk a fool who shedded his/her dignity for such an ass who now dosent bother nymore... whn he/she can simply walk off , the same implies to the other one too... feel sorry for such people who couldnt value their lives...

Jon said...

@Rachna and Susan...completely agreed...suicide is not momentary and it takes courage to teake love to the ultimate.
Yea logically Dutch has to

Jon said...

@Buttercup...what a girl..
Thank you Rohini ma'am and BK Chowla sir.

@MM... Infact ur comment is goig to be pre cursor to what i will write pretty soon

Happy Kitten said...

It needs courage to live this life.. suicide is the easier way out..

but why did you give her the tag; fiery female chauvinist.. she was speaking the truth.. like any normal girl..

Jon said...

sorry ma'am...
no female ordinary female