Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie of the week- Inception

Almost every other Indian blogger you meet is a movie reviewer. There is a favorite term used by all ‘Paisa Vasool’. I have failed to understand or grasp the meaning of the term. I figured it out that if the actress looks gorgeous, wears sexy costumes, the lead couple dances in foreign locations and if there are toilet jokes, the movie is termed as a ‘Paisa Vasool’.

I have stopped going for these ‘Paisa Vasool’ flicks. It gives me headaches.

When Nolan came up with his new flick, I was caught in a dilemma. All the recent ones which came with huge publicity and hype turned out to be damp squibs. Is this going to be anything different? But Nolan has the reputation of churning out brilliant movies each and every time.

So on the first day, I stood in the queue. It had a variety of people from construction workers to school kids. It even had a bunch of young girls who were desperately trying to look older and sexier. Well, the problem here is that if school kids come for a movie unaccompanied on a week day, they can be caught by the police. I talked with an unskilled laborer who took regular sips from the brandy bottle in his bag. He had an off day since someone from the locality was stabbed.

Before the show started the vultures descended (black tickets). The queue broke up and a circle formed around them. I managed to get a honest ticket but I accidentally purchased three(when we needed only two). I rushed back to the queue and offered the guys standing there the ticket. But surprisingly people were even frightened to buy the ticket from me. ‘Assholes, when some guy offers the ticket for extra money you are too eager to get it’.

Anyways the show started.

The movie, as usual, dwells on the complexities of human mind. As the human mind the movie is unpredictable and complex.

It’s about a guy, Cobb, who specializes in extracting information from his victims by travelling into his mind. During one such operation things go wrong and mission fails. His victim, who seems to know every move of Cobb offers him a proposition. He has to incept an idea into the mind of the heir of a business mogul. Although the mission is extremely dangerous Cobb agrees for it in exchange of freedom to go back to his family.

Meanwhile Cobb is a man with dark past and has to dwell with demons within before he accomplishes his mission. The trump card of the movie is how we are taken for a ride into Cobb’s mind and his past.

Nolan is a man with great ideas and you would see fabulous visuals in the movie. But this high budget flick wouldn’t have been possible if he had no huge backing. You wouldn’t see any huge blasts or weird creatures. But the special effects are one of the best in Hollywood. A whole imaginary world has been visualized and it comes to life on screen. Full marks to Nolan who comes up with these fabulous ideas each and every time.

Nolan always comes up with the best cast. And he strangely sticks on with almost the same guys in front of the camera. And they are doubtlessly the best too.

Screen plays are the trump card for a Nolan movie. The idea and story of ‘Inception’ Is a tricky one and it’s not the first time the idea has been dwelt upon. But the treatment had to change and that’s what has been done exactly. Any normal guy would have faltered in the pace. But with all the complexities of Cobb’s mind, the focus isn’t lost and the pace is constant through out. And as a result we get a pace thriller.

But Nolan has this penchant for complexities. I doubt if he made the story too complicated towards the end.

PS: I have almost all Nolan films- Memento, Following, Batman Begins, Insomnia, The Prestige and now Inception. How many have you seen?


buttercup said...

so its worth a watch huh...i was waitin 4 frnds' reviews...

btw paisa vasool means value for money :)

Jon said...

I know tht... and the value thses guys giv to the money is what i can't stand

It's more than worth a watch!

Susan Deborah said...

World of dreams and the insides of the mind. I want to watch it but just can't because of time and other things. Maybe on a whim I might just get out and watch it.

Thanks for the review. I haven't watched any Nolan film. Can "Ghajini" be counted as it's a remake? I guess a big NO NO.

Hope you are well.

You take care and be well :)

Joy always,

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

I have heard so many things about this movie. I need to go and watch it in IMAX :-)

Jon said...

@Susan.... when i was watching it i remembered ur dream stealer...haha...hey u have the potential to be story writer for films...u must watch this
Hey 'Ghajini' dare u..

@Raaji...i wish there was an Imax here!!

Susan Deborah said...


Thanks for that. Smiles.
Cool it on Ghajini!!!! I know it cannot match.

Joy always,

Rachna said...

This is on my watch list now. I have loved memento and Insomnia in the past. I love his razor-sharp narrative.

Paisa vasool isn't necessarily vulgarity. It could be great comedy too. It is a commonly used term in Mumbai. Anything which feels like worth the effort is paisa vasool. Maybe, a 3 Idiots is paisa vasool to me :).

Jon said...

Yea....many said it's a gr8 movie...but I was not amused by it.
Not even a single orginal idea!

Thankfully they had a huge media build up.

Arjit Srivastava said...

I just can't comment on a Nolan movie until I watch it. I am expecting something good!

Praveen said...

Inception is one of the best movies I've seen in recent times...
You cant help but hail this man's wacky brain!

Tys on Ice said...

i saw the movie...liked it..but i had a small problem with the whole thing.....its dreams, many contstructed realistic dreams hae u had? my dreams iam everything i can imagine...its the unpredictablity that was missing...i fly in my dreams.... and i always win..

i found the movie interesting and somewhat intelligent but the whole premise was on dreams and i felt they could have given the credit to a real persons real dreams...

Jon said...

An ultimate movie is a director's dream , his fantasy...

Very few would take the leap of faith to do that..That is what Nolan did!!