Friday, July 16, 2010


Clown Mohan and Co. are going around telling everyone that everything is fine here in India and the recession is for the west.

But the trump card of Indian Economy, the IT industry, doesn’t seem to be doing well.

The most happening phenomenon in an IT company is ‘Jumping’. In his hay day a softie gets double the salary when he makes a ‘jump’. By the time he is 30 he will be earning a obscene paycheck.

During the recessions no company was willing to take the risk of hiring. The ‘jump’ slowed down. So the softie stayed on pledging allegiance to his company. The bosses weren’t so foolish. They cut the wages and increased the work and put all the blame on George Bush.

As soon as the economy started blooming again, the companies started getting new projects and they started poaching talented and frustrated people. So company A lured those of company B with 70% hike. This created a vacuum in B prompting them to go searching the ones in Company C.

This vicious cycle went on until everyone filled up all the existing posts with double the earlier pay. This in turn caused fall in profits. Bosses had enough of this ‘rat – eat- rat’ and they are coming up with measures to control the ‘jump’.

I believe some surprises are around to regulate the ‘jumps’. My dear friends, who are used to huge salaries, you might have to check in your greed a bit.


Karan Agrawal said...

The IT companies operating in Pune, have come to terms, that they will ensure an employee is serving complete notice period of 3 months, so that the companies get enough time to fill the vacuum that would be created. Just a measure to ensure continuty of project but yes wage hikes is difficult to address...

BK Chowla, said...

It happens all the time.Given an opportunity"jump" is inevitable for better prospects.

Rachna said...

Well, well, well... I think people are pretty smart, and they know, when to be greedy and when to be satisfied with what they get :).

Destiny's child... said...

Jumping around isn't really interesting, is it?

Praveen said...

many of the guys jump out of frustration rather than for the pay..
of late, many of the jumpers have jumped outside the IT industry to pursue something they like..and thats a nice trend

Jon said...

This same agreement had happened in Technopark, Tvm and Infy was the first company to break the trend and the agreement.
Now when they get affected they r comin with the same stuff....funny

Jon said...

@BKC and Rachna...yup true to an extent
I dont find it tht interesting...good for the ambitious
@Praveen...good for the country atleast