Sunday, July 4, 2010


Friday was a day of rejoicing and on Saturday I cried along with millions.

On Friday we saw Brazilians being out-thought and out-played by the Dutch. I loved the Brazil of old- Brazil of Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho. Dunga has made the beautiful Brazil into a team of some 7 defensive minded players. So when Dutch imposed themselves in the middle the frontline of Kaka, Robinho and Fabiano ran out of ideas. I am pretty much happy to see Dunga cry.

But I don’t like the Dutch either. They have said good bye to the ‘Total football’ and plays to ‘win’. Can’t blame them everyone needs result. Moreover they haven’t showed their ability to play as a team. The race for self glory is evident in the way they play.

Argentina was obvious to fail. They had one of the weakest defense. But for the great man, Maradona, everyone chose to remain silent. Against a good tactical team Argentinian defense fell all over the place. It was a tragedy waiting to happen. Another black mark in the career of Maradona.

I would love to see Germans going through. The team is so young but plays with amazing composure and game plan. But we will have to see how they fare against a team good in the wings.


Susan Deborah said...

What a fall!

I felt sad for Maradona. His disappointment was so hard to watch and digest.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday. A great week full of wonders, to you.

Joy always,

rohini said...

the match i watched was of Argentina Vs Germany...too good match ....

Jon said...

I hope i will see some more even competition in Spain and Argentina

Rachna said...

This is a subject I can continue talking about :). I agree, mostly with your analysis. Brazil, really is a poor shadow of the glorious old days. I am happy to see Dunga get a butt. They were so lacklustre, and the Dutch are nothing exceptional either. That stamping of Melo was in really bad taste, and I wish he could have got a bigger punishment for that. There is something called sportsman spirit, which seems to be dead now.

Germany, otoh, were spectacular. I have always supported Argentina, and it was pathetic to see them not score a single goal. The german team came close to perfection. Incisive, team efforts, quick finishes. I loved their game.. I am pinning my hopes on them now. That Uruguay did not deserve to qualify, and Suarez was extremely ungamely to fend off a goal with his hands. I think instead of a penalty, FIFA must think of awarding a goal when something like this takes place. My heart goes out to Ghana.

Like I said, this is a long comment ;), I am looking forward to the semis now, and hopefully a Dutch-German final.

Karan Agrawal said...

Supporting the germans this time! Time for Nazis to rule again,seems!

Jon said...

I donno what is wrong with the blogger

Comments appear after days

First of al its the perception
I loved the latin style. but sadly it no longer provides the results. so the teams have now strenthened the defense and midfield. rather than the front. its the mid that holds the key to victory

Thats where Ragentina failed. I will not say it was a bad tactic but the methos is obsolete now.
Ireally don't understand why people jeer at Maradona when they dont bother to understand the game

Jon said...

I loved Uruguay. They didnt have many champion caste but tayed true to their syle till the end. If tehy had another Forlan results would have been different

I loved Germany but they failed against serbia and won at a huge margin against teams who repeated the same mistakes

Spain played better , prevented free runs for Schwein and Ozil
Then both the teams became par. Thus xperience prevailed and Spain won!