Saturday, August 6, 2011

I, the villain

When I split the milk in the morning, I was pretty sure this wasn’t going to be a great day. Naturally, my instincts said that I might mess something up at the office. Strangely nothing went bad. I was wondering if anything was yet to come up or had the angel passed over me? The buddies called me for dinner. That’s when the axe fell.

There was this guy, who did hang out with a girl. Someone else asked me what is going on. I spiced things up by blurting out that I heard stories too. I never knew that this jerk would jerk off soon.

All hell broke loose and I was pretty sure that the dinner buddies are going to bash me up. My only worry was about losing the dinner. I chose to stand and listen while I was being accused of gross misdemeanors. The one thing I fail to understand is if there were nothing at all except friendship then why bother?

Besides there comes a point in life, when you grow up enough to differentiate between the two. As for me I spent the night getting verbally bashed. Still believe in the school of thought that there is no friendship between the opposite sexes with out an element of sexuality.


Rachna said...

I don't agree with your school of thought. There can be pure, platonic friendship between guys and gals. Come on, you don't have a single girl friend whom you don't think of that way?

Jon said...

The line is borrowed from a movie- when harry met sally. You can call me a jerk. But I have had sexual feelings towards my female friends too. But then it was well disguised and never openly expressed. I may be stating the point of view of men

Rachna said...

Sorry but all men don't feel that way. I am pretty certain of that.

Jon said...

ever wondered why a good looking woman ends up with more friends than the rest??!!