Friday, August 26, 2011

A ham burger

Today was especially boring and too much lunch and a sumptuous treat that followed resulted in a very very drowsy afternoon. We have a provision of organization sponsored tea towards late afternoon. But the miser of manager is too much concerned of the branch’s profit and his promotion (which are intertwined) .

So I walked into CafĂ© Coffee Day. Essentially the prices are on the higher side. But the cool ambience and the tasty cookies have no substitution. There I sat munching on when a family walked in. Two young kids and a father-mother pair. They were very neatly dressed but in simple attire. They walked in. The kids were excited and they saw the menu and they gasped in horror. May be a week’s salary might go in for the treat. They walk out after mumbling some excuse to the waiter.

I always dreaded to be in a position where I won’t be able to afford the basic luxuries. Sadly the bar for the ‘basic’ go up every day. Long ago when I was a kid, I and my cousin got together at my home. I asked what ‘ham’ in a ham burger is? I had never tasted a burger. I had the impression it was some exotic stuff. My dad didn’t indulge us by taking us out. He gasped, ‘You have never tried one?’ Later my mom told me, ‘You should have never asked the question. We will take you out one day’ Till date they haven’t treated me with a ‘ham’ burger. Today I am also thankful that they didn’t ‘harm’ me with those junkies.

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BK Chowla, said...

I hope more people realize that they must remain away from junk food