Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Mornings 03082011

Good Morning everyone!!!

Yesterday we had another bachelor’s dinner and promised to have more. But this time it was simpler than the last one but fulfilling. I promised to chip in more.

The last night we had a more meaningful conversation about family. However diverse we are, we have one thing in common. We badly miss our parents. And no doubt they might be missing us too. The moment they see their kids moving out, they realize they are no longer young and starts ageing. The little quarrels we pick up infact brings down their age!

Another pilot have died, thanks to air crash. It seems India manufactures more martyrs off the battle fields. I had a very interesting argument with an old time class mate who is into Air Force now. We signed off in a huff. Hope she will remember me when the news came out. When’ Rang De’ came out I was very much against it. But after some more maturing up I think our armed forces might not be so clean.

Thankfully opposition has stood up this time around in Parliament.

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jane.healy said...

Jon - sorry I have missed a few of your posts, just read back though.

Great to see you are at least making promises to learn to cook more. Stick with simple (to start with)

Your brave to start investing - although there are little signs over here that our markets are starting to pick up ... I say signs I mean little bleeps - little tiny bleeps