Monday, August 8, 2011

The dance of wipers

Mr.Murdoch owns and controls the nerve centre of world's largest media conglomerate. His reach and control in shaping western and world policies are notorious. Thankfully destiny prevented him from taking over Sky B.

Now when his chips are down, the central figure to emerge is going to be the second largest investor Bin Taleel. Hope he might have already been spoilt by western riches or USA and its conservative policy makers will find themselves in deep shit.

Then I happened to read another news that of the 22 soldiers shot down from a chopper in Afghan 22 belonged to the elite squad that terminated Osama. Now that's what I call a wow!! Although unconfirmed this might cause a pain in Obama's ass and he can kiss his re-election campaign good bye.

Right now I am watching some stupid guy in Delhi trying to whitewash Sheila DIxit. Dude however the best you try, you sound like an asshole. But then you would have made your crores already. So blabber on. Kapil just finished his joker act.

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