Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Negative marketing

Indian film makers have given up coming with Hollywood fabrication to make a movie hit. Thanks to torrent, English are available in plenty. We no longer need a desi version.

The current mantra is come up with a controversy. The sleazier the negative publicity, the better. Gone are the days of gossips linking up the co-stars. It can be vulgar titles, which later turns out have no connection with the movie. It can be about rumors the heroine demanded shorter dress than her rival.

Judging from the nature, I guess producers target bored husbands, trusting they will drag their wives along for the cinema.

Today morning I read in the national daily that heroine of a movie called 'My Husband's wife' chased the co-star around the room naked. What a bright start for the day.


OtienoHongo said...

Very soon the fading star will just release a sex tape or leak some nude photos and popularity will resurface, yap, trust me, we are moving there!

Rachna said...

Oh, that is ridiculous. Anything goes for the sake of cheap publicity. Now rumours between costars is passe and these idiotic incidents are routine.

Renu said...

anything is ok for publicity..

BK Chowla, said...

Movie business is a very high risk business.
Recently, Aamir Khan,appealed to people NOT to watch his Delly Belly as contains foul language.Did he really mean it?