Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lesson-2 The Hurt Locker

Yesterday I happened to see my colleagues laughing over a piece of paper. I went over and they pushed an old piece of paper to me. It had some thing scribbled in an old version of Malayalam. The form of writing and language had been discarded ages ago. He must have been well educated but rustic. I strained my eyes to pick a word or two to pick up the humor. At last they told me what the letter was about.

Apparently an old couple started a locker in the bank years ago. Out of love they had agreed that any one can come up and operate it in the absence of other. Like any good old marriages of the present times, the relation hit bad weather. The old man moved the court and made the locker status ‘joint’. The couple had to come together to operate the locker. He didn’t want his wife to walk away with all the loot.

But the old man’s suspicions weren’t over. He firmly believed that his wife was somehow double crossing him to loot the locker. A few years ago he came to the bank and made a ruckus. The poor old man didn’t have the locker number even. He wrote this letter to the branch manager asking him for the assurance that his wealth was safe and sound.

Interestingly bank doesn’t maintain or monitor the possessions you keep in your locker. It’s a nice secret you can maintain for yourself. And the poor old man didn’t know his locker number too. After over an year the old man returned again yesterday. He made the same old ruckus. Thankfully the locker number was found out. He wanted a reply to his old letter. The manager replied him:

‘Sir please pay for the annual arrears of Rs.1000 towards the locker maintenance.’

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Thats banks for you!