Monday, May 16, 2011

Lesson 1

A banker is one person in the world who can regale you with tales from abundant chest of experience. I am talking about the old generation banks where the life is easy and there are no targets to be achieved. A banker assures people money is everything even while very well knowing its fallibility. In this world of pretension people would prefer to unmask in front of the person who takes care of your security.

A humorous clerk in our branch was talking about a film producer client. The earlier manager was in very much awe of the film producer. So as soon as the producer enters the bank, the manager would escort him to the cabin and finish off all his transactions personally. When the new lady manager came in, she was not amused by the producer stomping in royally. She informed him that he can go directly to the counter instead of approaching her.

He burst into unstoppable charade on how he ought to be respected and how the other banks offered ‘better’ services.

The poor chap was doing a blockbuster film at that time. It released in with much hype and flopped with even more hype. The humbled guy was seen with bowed head and had the employees at the bank having some fun at his expense.


Rachna said...

Oh, so sad for the film producer. Those why fly higher, land with even more pain.

jane.healy said...

I take my hat off to the lady manager who wasn't impressed with his airs and graces!
Its easy to be impressed by such trimmings.

OtienoHongo said...

Good for the producer! Kudos to the lady manager, I hate people who expect to be treated better than the rest of us simply because they are famous

sm said...

good that lady manager followed ruled no special treatment for rich and famous.

Praveen said...

I would advise you to treat him well...maybe we'll get to see you in blockbuster soon ;)