Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lesson-3 King Customer

Until a few years ago, in the so called nationalized banks, the officers were the king. Then people like Mr. Bhatt and the private banks screwed up the paradise.

Today somehow the people have been made to believe that customer is the king. The officers are highly inefficient and lazy and ought to be taught a lesson. The last day we received a suit filed against us by a guy who came in the last day. His problem was that the officer didn’t pay him the proper respect. We had to call him up and beg for forgiveness.

The last day an old lady called me up. She wanted to send her a scanned copy of a document. I asked her for the email address. She suddenly burst up. She was sending us mails every day and apparently it’s a shame that we don’t know her email ID. Inorder to end her babble I told her ‘Oh yes I very well know your email address’. It’s better to search it than extracting it from her. It was not enough for her. She wanted me to quote her address through the phone to reassure herself that the bank read all her letters.

The NRIs, who still maintain that they are mainstay of wobbling Indian economy, would go as far as persuading us to breach the RBI regulations. One woman called us up. She wanted her funds to be transferred from one fund to another. This would invite a penalty. But she threatened us she would ‘search for other options’ if we did so. Someone told the poor lady that her hard earned money was sustaining us!


Renu said...

This is the other side of coin..but that last line is not wrong completely:)

jane.healy said...

Jon the first lesson ... the customer is always right! And yes if you don't do as I want I will take my loan and overdraft elsewhere!

jane.healy said...
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