Friday, November 19, 2010


During the Hay festival, one participant asked Bob Geldof if the rock culture of ‘60s and ‘70s triggered off a culture of sex, orgy and rebellion? He replied that rock culture didn’t trigger off anything. It only brought out what was already hidden the depths of society. Rock brought it out and said, ‘This is what is hidden in you.’

I believe this decade will be known as the reality show decade. The morality of reality (sex) shows have come under the scanner again. This time Rakhi Sawant is the (anti) hero again.
A few years back kids didn’t know what a ‘Nirodh’ was? Today we see the reality couple get married, make love and even grow kids on screen. The stars use foul languages, bitch about others. Then accidentally the bra slips off or there is an upskirt. We get to see celebrities bath publicly. (I believe bath clips were porn a few years ago). Then there are couples who split and make up and again split and make up. And ultimately, we have an uneducated vamp trying to patch up separated couples.

So are these shows evil? Do the sky rocketing TRPs mean, we need them to expose the hypocrisy hidden with in?


Purba said...

Why watch reality shows? We can always pick and choose what we want and what we don't - it's entirely our prerogative isn't it?

Jon said...

But still it being the most watched section in TV...shows that it's a part of society

Anonymous said...

Jon - you will know that I have no TV and this is the reason - I walked into a room one day where the occupants were staring at the screen - it showed six people in bed (seperate beds) sleeping, have our lives become so meaningless that we watch other people sleeping and call it entertainment?

Destiny's child... said...

I remember watching the first installment of Big Boss. That was that. I don't think moving these shows to any time slot will change things. For all you know, the so called vulnerable kids will stay up till midnight to watch all the crap.

Praveen said...

reality shows are stupid...period!
and those who spent their time watching it r losers with nothing else to do..
that may sound judgemental..but I truely believe in that