Wednesday, November 24, 2010

About to be Bangalooored

For a while I have been planning to get out of the suroundings but nothing hasn't been happening.
It's tough to get all the guys together, atleast a few. Thankfully, a handful from my college days are planning to meet in Bangalore this weekend. As I said it's tough to get everyone together. Times change and so does priorities.Thank God for the ones who haven't changed!
As for now except the tickets, nothing has been planned. A pair of shoes and clothes are in the top of my 'to-get-list' from Bangalore
So will get you guys an update after the weekend. Cheerios


madamebutterfly said...


Susan Deborah said...

Have a lovely time and chill out. Shall wait for the travel tales with pictures.

Until then, Cheerio!

Joy always,

BK Chowla, said...

Enjoy yourselves.It is good to meet old friends

Destiny's child... said...

Have a nice time! :)