Tuesday, November 23, 2010


One of my ambition @ the Hay festival was to get to meet William Dalrymple

He does extensive research on his works. The deep knowledge he has on Indian tradition and culture can put any hardcore Inidan to shame.
So when he moved ahead to the book signing, I wanted his autograph on any piece of paper.I was unprepared for and grabbed a book of his from the stall.
I hadn't heard of 'The age of Kali' until then. I did a simple judgement based on beauty of the cover.

I was pulled into a trance as I started reading the book. I sat glued in my chair for hours.This is a travelogue and WD travels across the country and he gives the reason why he thinks India is fast slipping into detrioration and degradation.

It's a very chilly narration, but very much true. And you can dismiss it as white man's penchant to jeer at the EMERGING India. Believe me, you will find it difficult to do so.

Most of the blogger friends I came acroos think very much alike. Most of are urbanised and meterosexuals. We believe we stand on a superior moral grounds and the poor and illiterate are fit only for the dungeons.Thus the outcastes are fast eating into the social fabric of the society and dragging us to KaliYuga.While we sit comfortable on the higher realms of morality.

I would recommend this book to every Indian who thinks everything is fine with India.

Rest don't bother

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madamebutterfly said...

Although I am not Indian I think I would like to read this book - I have put it on my "To Read" list!