Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kannada star

So this weekend I was roaming in the streets of Bangalore with my good friend, Vattu.we saw many Kannadiga cinema posters on the wall. We came back to our princely room and watched the late night 'item dances'.
I say to Vattu, 'Eda, I think we ought to try to break into Kannada cinema as heroes'

'As soon as we get a break, it doesn't matter if we grow old, grow bald, can't dance or get a huge paunch. You'll always get two short-skirt clad actress to drool over you plus atleast one item dance with a voluptous one'
'True, very true.'


madamebutterfly said...

Go for it Jon!

Rachna said...

so true! After seeing the posters, I feel similarly for the heroes. Why not give it a try :)?

Susan Deborah said...

Enjoy madi!!

So what is the call-sheet like?

All the best.

Joy always,

Destiny's child... said...

Lol! May be you should give it a try ;)

indi said...

Finally! It'll give me a reason to watch kannada movies. :P

simply me said...

sadly that is the state of kannada industry today....but it has seen wonderful days and gloden years in the past....
nothing beats the old kannada movies ones with Rajkumar and vishnuvardan ..miss those days !!!!!!!!!

Sh@s said...

Ha ha...kool :P