Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gandhi Jayanthi- the new perspective

I was browsing through the morning newspaper and came across an interesting article on Gandhi Jayanthi. Well for the illiterate, it’s the birthday of Mahathma Gandhi.

A journalist decides to go on a journey to Sabarmathi Ashram in Gujarat. He got into an auto-rikshaw from the railway station. He gave the address as ‘Bapu’s Ashram’. The journo had seen the pictures of an old structure in the papers and books but never have been there in real life.

The auto driver takes him to a huge structure. The journo gets confused, ’Is this Bapu’Ashram?’

‘Ohh, sorry. You should have told it in the first place.’

The driver takes him to another spot. The auto speeds away as soon as the journo gets out. The journo is more confused as he can’t recognize the place from the pictures. Slowly he realise that the place is the abode for a demi-god who goes around with the name ‘Bapu’. Soon the sales men Sadhus alight imploring him to pay a visit to the ‘bapu’. These guys are on deal with the auto and cab drivers, who drop the unsuspecting visitors to ‘Bapu’s Ashram’.

It seems everything is on sale- religion, love, relations, ideology….

Hope you guys had a cool Bappu’s b’day


Susan Deborah said...

What a sad state for the father of our nation! John, many don't remember his birthday, you should have given the right date as 2nd Oct. Many might assume that Bapu's birthday is on the 3rd, since your post is dated 3rd!! What do you think is Gandhi Jayanthi for most Indians? It is just another holiday to relax and if they are up to it, they watch the film 'Gandhi' for the nth time. The day ends. Period.
When people are not interested in the well-being of their own country and don't care to keep it clean, healthy and assure employments, do you think they care about Gandhiji's birthday?

His birthday follows mine and I am quite proud to share my birth month with him. Gives me an incentive to emulate his principles and steadfastness.

"Be the change you want to see."

Joy always,

Rachna said...

Pointless holidays. No one remembers Gandhi on Gandhi Jayanti. It just has become another in a melee of holidays.

madamebutterfly said...

You are right - many of us in the West would have no idea!

The swindling rickshaw drivers are the same the whole world over though...

My aunt visited Lordes recently and was stunned by all the bottle holy water with pictures of the blessed virgin plastered all over them

BK Chowla, said...

I can vouch for it.I was in a holy city last week and I KNOW what really happens.

Giribala said...

I had recently watched videos of the demi-god fooling the gullible.

Destiny's child... said...

Great! And that's exactly how we ought to remember Bapu. Such frauds! :/