Saturday, October 9, 2010

Femina Managers

I remember a debate we had in our college. The topic was on ‘Do women make good managers?’ Most of them chose the safe side- the feminine one. They tore apart their opponents with points like

a. Women were worshipped in pagan relegions

b. They make good home makers

c. Good at multi tasking

d. Attractive

e. Caring and considerate

I sat with my mouth shut. Little did I know that I would be confronting this topic, but in real life.

After a few years in a corporate field and that too with most of the time with women bossing over, I have arrived at some sour but true realities.

Women find it easy to climb up the ladder at least to an extent. The reason being they say ‘Yes, I (will) do’ too easily. Then they cajole/threaten their slaves to finish the job. So trust a woman to do impractical things at impractical time.

Another trademark aspect is easiness with which they panic. I know a well connected lady in our place. We regularly get the company news letter singing her praises. I found her good in only one thing. When an issue comes up the first thing she does is to panic and melt half the team’s confidence. Then everyone work around like rats until the issue is made messier. The stakeholder decides, ’We are better off without it.’

Then there is this very beautiful girl. She is very young and was promoted recently. She walks around panting and puffing exclaiming the cruelty of her fate. She goes to bed very late and wakes up very early. I wonder how these people function without any sleep. Btw do you guys know lack of sleep causes breast cancer?

There are other great features too for women. They magically pop up behind your shoulder to monitor how you waste your time. They regularly remind you how hard (late) they work.

It’s actually great to see a good looking manager on someone else’s side. No thanks, I wouldn’t want them.


BK Chowla, said...

With a number of years of working experience in the private sector, my personal opinion based on personal experiences, I

Destiny's child... said...

May be you have been unfortunate to meet just the wrong variety. I have worked for a woman boss and there were a lot of men under her. All of us had a lot of love and respect for her. It's all in the perspective. I have met men who panic and fret more than women.

Susan Deborah said...

Even though I came this far to the comments section, I would say NO COMMENTS.

Hope you're well, John. Have a kick-ass weekend :)

Joy always,

madamebutterfly said...

Ha, ha - You are too cruel Jon.

I hated working for women when I was younger. I thought them all quite ruthless, now that I am older (and maybe a little wiser) I find that those that have got to the top (and stayed there) have done so on merit not just being a pretty face, sighing and fluttering eyelashes at the right time!

Jon said...

@destiny...may be u met the wrong variety of women :D

Thanx susan I am doing well

@madam, Yes true they r question on tht!

Praveen said...

been there...seen it all :P

RGB said...

If I were to judge all men managers with what I've seen of my men bosses, then I would perhaps sound too nasty! Just because you happened to meet a few women who made it to the top huffing, panting and what have you, doesn't mean the rest of the women bosses would have got there the same way. Think about it!

Rachna said...

I agree with RGB. I didn't wish to get into a debate, so I didn't comment earlier.

Jon said...

Rachna and RGB...i will not make the mistake of getting into an argument with girls :)

Farila said...

At present due to some very strong reason I am not vouching for Femina managers ;)