Thursday, September 30, 2010

A private e-space

I took a stock of ‘Think’ and found to my little amazement that a major chunk of posts deals with women. I don’t have a reason for it, may be the mind might be filled with delicate beings. And since most of the comments and feedback are positive, I believe I am quite a nice guy.

Jane forwarded me a link on how she was stalked by a creepy guy on the internet and another one in which she was confronted by a porn producer.

The amount of personal information we put on the internet is mind-boggling. Strangely, our virtual self turns to be more true than the real one.

The USP of social networking sites are they stroke our hidden urge for voyeurism and sexual erotica. All the talk about security is big time bullshit. We tend to get more public figures in the virtual world and more secluded and private in the real world.

I am not acting a saint here. For I am one among them who is guilty of this pleasure.

The celebrities have used the internet and social networking for self marketing. The principle of ‘those who live by sword’ came in real for them. If they are having a ‘bad hair day’ or a ward robe malfunction, the ‘fans’ knows it in no time. I think we Indians are notorious compared to others.

It’s important to respect the private space. But in a free world, I doubt how realistic its going to be.


Susan Deborah said...

A very current and contemporary topic. Respecting privacy is something I have always believed in. Again it all depends on the individual. If one chooses to let out personal details, then one cannot blame the internet or anyone for violating it. Using one's discretion is the best when it comes to matters as these.

Hope you are well and happy, John. I wish you a lovely weekend.

Joy always,

Anonymous said...

Jon you right - I started my blog off because I wanted to keep a record of my look at!!! I have been a private person most of my life, an observer, after my husband died I realised that there are a lot of people out keeping things to themselves - its easier if you talk about it. It took months for some of my colleagues to even realise that I had become widowed so now I tell everything, warts and all... its strangely liberating.
Keep up your posts, they are so interesting!

RGB said...

What privacy? Google street view, mobile calls track-able, FB profiles hack-able and what have you...There's no such thing as privacy! However, we can perhaps play it safe. Choose your friends, medium of communication and information about yourself you want to part with - carefully. The rest is how it will be no matter what you do!

simply me said...

well for people to respect private space they should first understand what private space is someone defines his privacy is a personal perspective they say each to his own

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Jon said...

@susan....i am doin good .thanx:)
But this is a time of xams am on my toes

@Jane, RGB, Vysh...I guess you guys agree on one thing -it's individual choice.
I dont think an individual is independent of society. What u do affects the society! specific man

Rachna said...

Privacy is an issue for sure. You are right about people being more open with strangers in blogs. But, one must still know how to not get carried away. This is still a virtual world after all.

Destiny's child... said...

Anonymity gives us a license: to be as we please (read notorious). And as far as celebs are concerned, they go about tweeting and blogging stuff they might not want to talk about in...say an interview. Guess we find the internet safe in many ways, no matter how much you hear about cyber crime. At least you know no one can jump out of the monitor and throttle you if you are in an online argument! ;)